Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 44 #day100

Day 44: Today is my second day for work ^_^
full of positive energy!!!

keep fighting !!!

yesterday i accidentally send out the message that i usually write in the text bar 
but not really want to send out....
yesterday i accidentally send out >_<

i faster delete the conversation in my phone but actually not their phone.
he reply me "huh?"
and i had been think for whole night what i should reply him...
at the end i reply: Huh? what i did ?

but no reply at all until now....

Day 43 #day100

Day 43: today is my first day for my new job~
i had my free lunch and a new laptop ^_^ 

Day 42 #day100

Day 42: API for KL is 260++
the whole KL are looking hazy >_<
but today i still keep to go church as usual ^_^
i though today i can see him but he was no attend the mass today >_<
so sad >_<
almost one month i didn't see him .....
miss him so much T.T

Day 41 #day100

Day 41: This afternoon was go to Dataran Merdeka to collect SCKLM race kit
but in the night received official announcement the SCKLM is cancelled due to Hazy weather.

Day 40 #day100

Day 40: Journey of Cci is come to the end.
I can't believe my tear is dropping down when i pass by the junction that i was always here for 2 year.
A little bit unwilling to let go but have too.....

Day 39 #day100

Day 39: the 3rd day of FHM2015.
and also my second last day service in this company
time fly.....

Day 38 #day100

Day 38: 2nd day of FHM2015.
Until now i still have no chance to walk and eat around for others booth T.T
My leg is so tired >_<